Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade


This morning I photographed the Memorial Day parade in my old neighborhood, Forest Hills. I got there early enough that it hadn’t actually started yet, so I was able to find some interesting shots while people were milling around.  

The kids were already excited about the souvenir flags even before the action began. DSC_4373-21


A group of marines patiently waited at the head of the parade line, and I found them a fascinating subject.




As always, plenty of bagpipes played in the parade.


This horse knows to smile for the camera.


Even the most cutely patriotic spectators weren’t necessarily prepared for the heat.


Most of the kids seemed to enjoy the parade, though. I loved this kid, snapping away with his 35mm film camera.



3 thoughts on “Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade

  1. I was at the parade and Mayor Bloomberg held my daughter (she was wearing pink), as well as a woman running for something… (Katz possibly). I was wondering if you had any pictures relating to this, as my boyfriend did not get the camera out fast enough.

    Thank you

    • Hi Lisa, unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of your daughter. Thanks for checking in, though. 🙂

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