Portland Family Photography: New Baby Lydia

This was such a special family session! Karly and Jeff were having their daughter and wanted to document their son meeting the new baby for the first time, only a few hours after birth. Aren’t brand-new babies just magical and miraculous? I was so excited for them and their new addition. It was truly an honor to witness and photograph them in their first moments as a family of four.

Congratulations to this sweet family! Thank you for allowing me to photograph this special day!

Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0001 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0002Ellis, who was just about to turn 6, seems like he’s going to be a wonderful big brother. You can see he was nervous at first, but he was quickly smitten! He loved looking at little Lydia, and touching her face or hands. She opened her eyes and looked right at him when he spoke! What a wonderful bond they will have. Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0003 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0004Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0006 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0005Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0007 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0008 Lydia was a very calm, happy baby. She was very upset to be taken away from mama to be given her very first swaddle! However, then she calmed down, and loved being snuggled by her family. And her family loved snuggling her! Can you blame them? Here’s daddy and grandma, looking incredibly thrilled with the precious new baby. Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0009 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0010 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0011 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0012 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0013 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0014Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0020 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0015 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0016 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0017 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0018 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0019 Portland Hospital Newborn Photography_0021


Portland Family Photography: Sweet Tiny Twins!

I’ve photographed several hundred newborns in hospitals, and so now I hope to make the natural transition to doing lifestyle baby photo sessions in the home.

Please meet Brooklyn and Dakota, sweet little 6 week old twin girls. The family is part of the same twins club I belong to here in the Portland area. Aren’t they adorable?? My own twins are so big now, and I loved getting to see and hold such tiny babies again.

Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0001 Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0002 Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0003Portland Natural Family Photography

Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0007

Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0008Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0004 Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0005 Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0006 Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0009 Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0011 Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0015 Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0016 Lake Oswego Lifestyle Baby Photography_0017


Baby Photography: Mine!

This blog has been sorely neglected for months now. You may recall that we moved across the country in August, while I was pregnant. Our twin boys were born at the end of November, and are now 2 1/2 months old. So that’s my excuse. 🙂

I’ve photographed hundreds of babies, but it’s somehow different with my own. I’ve taken so many casual snaps with my iphone, but not as many nicer setups as I would have liked. I’m trying to get better about documenting our two properly–it’s already going by so fast and they’ve already changed so much! Take a look for yourself at a few snapshots from the last few months:











And some detail shots I’ve taken recently:









New York City Family Photography: Baby Julian

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing an adorable family on Roosevelt Island. Julian is six months old, and full of joy! Look at him–he had just woken from a nap with nary a peep, and  within a minute was smiling all over the place!

Parents J and D have a side book business, so we made sure to pose him carefully with a big pile of books. (Don’t you love those chubby hands and arms??)

Seriously happy baby!

All three of them are a really sweet family.

They live on Roosevelt Island, and their building has a beautiful roof deck with an amazing view of Manhattan.

Don’t you just love them!

NYC Newborn Photography

Happy 2012!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything this whole month! It’s been a super busy January, with my non-photography work ramping up, and a lot of photography too.

On the weekends, I shoot newborns at hospitals. It’s always fun to meet the babies and their excited parents and families. It’s a very limited time that I have with them, in their hospital room. Sometimes the babies are asleep and pliable, sometimes they’re awake and calm, sometimes they are fussy. Often, they’re a combination of all three. 🙂 So the shots I take are not like the traditional “artistic” studio newborn shots that you see on photography blogs, with sleepy babies draped in baskets, folded up just so. Those shoots take several hours, lots of props, lighting and backdrops, not to mention the magic to keep the baby sleepy and clean. For these shoots, I have a boppy, a hospital blanket, and a hospital bed, for about fifteen minutes. Still, it’s fun to capture each baby and hopefully one or both parents–so much personality and excitement! I love the thought of these photos being treasured for years.