Hoyt Arboretum Portland Family Photography: Tara and Family

Hoyt Arboretum family smiling daughter

Tara and her family do a family portrait session every November–so I was honored that they chose me for their 2013 session! I met Tara, Jim and their daughter Eriana at Hoyt Arboretum. As you can see, there was plenty of beautiful autumn foliage for us as the backdrop. We spent our session walking a little loop trail behind the main visitor’s center, but there are many miles of trails throughout the park. I will definitely be returning there to explore!

Little Eriana was almost three. She was so very cute, and she also did not want to interact with me! Well, not initially, anyway. But of course I knew that we could get to her. 🙂 First, the classic Daddy toss loosened her up, and then I wore down her defenses by pretending to chase her. She finally started to laugh and squeal and show her true colors. I loved seeing it, and I LOVED capturing it. That’s my favorite–getting those genuine, happy moments that really show someone’s spirit. 🙂

I had such a great time photographing this family! These pictures still make me smile. Lovely people. 🙂

Hoyt Arboretum family photography Portland


Father daughter Hoyt Arboretum photography




Hoyt Arboretum family smiling daughter

Tara-51_WEB Tara-26 Smiling daughter candid family photography portland

Hoyt Arboretum family walking

Tara-43 Hoyt Arboretum smiling family Mother daughter Hoyt Arboretum photography  Tara-75 Tara-82Smiling jumping daughter candid family photography portland


Portland Courthouse Wedding Photography: Julia and Luke

Julia Luke-27

This courthouse wedding was a brief event, but it was really lovely.

I met up with the couple before their appointment with the judge. The Multnomah County Courthouse is in a lovely area of downtown Portland, with a stretch of parks right across the street. We wandered through a couple of them, taking portraits as we went. I only got to chat with Julia and Luke briefly, but it was clear how much they enjoyed each other! They were adorable together and obviously so excited about getting married. They both looked so elegant too!

After the couples portraits, we did some formal family portraits in one of the parks. Both of their families and a few good friends had all come into town, and it was a fairly large group. Right when we had everyone gathered together, the sprinklers in the lawn suddenly came on! Happily no one was in the direct path of the water. (And all my equipment was safe too–phew!) That provided a nice laugh though, as we all filed into the courthouse. The wedding ceremony was in a judge’s chamber, and it was short and sweet. The bride and groom were so thrilled and in love!

Enjoy a sampling of my favorite photos from the evening. I had a wonderful time photographing them and witnessing the start of their married life together! Congratulations, Julia and Luke!

Julia Luke-09

Julia Luke-16

Julia Luke-20

Julia Luke-31

Julia Luke-36

Julia Luke-40

Julia Luke-41

Julia Luke-43

Julia Luke-45

Julia Luke-114

Julia Luke-136

Julia Luke-151

Julia Luke-154

Julia Luke-158

Julia Luke-159

Julia Luke-163

Julia Luke-168

Julia Luke-203

Julia Luke-206

Julia Luke-209

Julia Luke-214

Julia Luke-211

NYC Engagement Photographer: Sam and Erik

I met Sam last year when I joined a book club. She and her boyfriend Erik got engaged last fall and this spring I offered them an engagement session. We roamed around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens one Saturday last month. Unfortunately the cherry blossoms hadn’t appeared yet, though all the magnolias were in full bloom. It was a really fun afternoon and I love how they look at each other–you can really see their connection! I took a ton of photos and had such a hard time narrowing down–my ‘faves’ folder for them is the  biggest it’s ever been! Here are just a few of my favorites. See more here on my Facebook fan page!

NYC Couple Photographer: B and Her Boyfriend

After shooting with B, her boyfriend joined us for a couple shoot. We started out at the Highline, with them on the street below and me at the viewing window. We had to communicate with gestures (accompanied by giggling–it’s not easy to indicate poses with your hands!).

We moved to a little park across from the waterfront. The light was beautiful and I couldn’t help but flare out a bit!

B’s boyfriend M is over a foot taller than she is–he’s a college basketball player!

We found a little step to put her closer to his height.

After this, we were starving and went to Artichoke Pizza nearby. What a fun shoot!

Thuan and Alina

This lovely couple had already been married in Thailand, but had a big reception in Queens to celebrate with all their family and friends. It was a fun night!



The couple’s first dance:


The bride and groom salute their family and friends:-268


A toast to friends: -324

Thanks to the great DJ, there was plenty of fun dancing:


Mad grab for the bridal bouquet:-422

Impressive one-handed grab for the garter: -437

This little boy is way too cool!


This adorable little girl was too funny. I couldn’t help but take a million photos of her. This one cracks me up!


First Look: Julie and Andrew’s Engagement Photos

This was my first e-session, and holy wow! I had SUCH a blast. These two young people are gorgeous, fun, and happy to listen to my strange requests. I took a ton of photos and am still processing, but I know they’re dying to see some shots, and I must admit I’m excited to share them. These are just a handful from the first half hour of our morning together. So enjoy, and look for more soon!DSC_7275