NYC Newborn Photography

Happy 2012!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything this whole month! It’s been a super busy January, with my non-photography work ramping up, and a lot of photography too.

On the weekends, I shoot newborns at hospitals. It’s always fun to meet the babies and their excited parents and families. It’s a very limited time that I have with them, in their hospital room. Sometimes the babies are asleep and pliable, sometimes they’re awake and calm, sometimes they are fussy. Often, they’re a combination of all three. 🙂 So the shots I take are not like the traditional “artistic” studio newborn shots that you see on photography blogs, with sleepy babies draped in baskets, folded up just so. Those shoots take several hours, lots of props, lighting and backdrops, not to mention the magic to keep the baby sleepy and clean. For these shoots, I have a boppy, a hospital blanket, and a hospital bed, for about fifteen minutes. Still, it’s fun to capture each baby and hopefully one or both parents–so much personality and excitement! I love the thought of these photos being treasured for years.



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