Berkshires Weekend

This weekend my husband and I went on a quick trip up to the Berkshires. We’d never been up there, and the drive wasn’t too long, so off we went to explore.

Our first stop was the Bash Bish Falls area in Taconic State Park. We clambered over some rocks to a gorgeous vista of rolling forested hills. Fall colors were just starting to come out.

The falls were cute.

We stayed in Great Barrington the first evening, dinner, some local ice cream (I had Elvis ice cream–banana/honey/peanut butter!) and bowling.

The second day we went apple picking! Neither of us had done that before, so it was a fun new thing to do.  And pretty too–here are so many apples on the apple trees! And look at that sky–it was a perfect morning. 

We picked a peck, a combination of four different types: a few Fuji, a handful of Mutsu for pie or crisp, and some Blushing Golden.

My tall husband had to jump for some of the good ones.

And here are four of me picking apples!

We also drove up to the next town, Stockbridge, which was tiny and charming. Lots of businesses had these fall displays out and about.

Look at those leaves! And again, that sky!

These last two I grabbed from the passenger seat as we drove back south toward home. Not bad considering the moving-vehicle part!


4 thoughts on “Berkshires Weekend

  1. You’re making me miss NY! I remember we had a surprise party for my grandparents at the Red Lion Inn once. 😉

    • Haha, I know–it still sounds strange to me too, even though we’ve been married for over a year!

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