Irene: Outside, Inside

Well, Tropical Storm Irene “hit” New  York City and didn’t do too much in Brooklyn. We went out for a walk this afternoon (and saw plenty of others) to survey the “damage.”

Most stores and restaurants were closed. I guess the owners ran out of this cafe without getting all their trash.

This grocery store was closed and all the produce shelves were empty, except for these forsaken squash.

Not sure if this place wants to be open despite the weather, or if the sign got knocked down from somewhere else.

Bar Tabac is a famous French bistro. Sad to see it closed for the day.

Inside One Girl Cookies (with street debris to the left and my green sweater reflection to the right).

We found this coffee shop open on Smith Street.

Same place from the inside.

I noticed a lot more of the signage on all the closed shops.

No idea what these are; they kind of look like strawberries but clearly fell from a tree.


We saw a lot of leaves and smaller branches, but this was biggest tree piece that was down.

Hope that everyone in the major hit zones in staying safe and dry! For those who lost power, hope it gets back on soon.


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