New York City Portrait Photographer: Before and After


Meet my friend L!

She moved abroad last year, but is back in New York for the summer, which is great! Since she’s staying with us for a bit, the other night I made her model for me. I hadn’t done anything with my umbrella lately, so I set that up on one side of the coffee table and she was on the other side. It faced her directly, but I told her to angle this way. Below is the original, unedited image. I thought it was pretty good! The light hit her evenly, it’s a genuine smile–all in all I was pretty happy with it.


But of course, I knew I had to take it to Photoshop to clone out the wall sconce. First I used the content-aware fill, but I still had to do some major cloning and patching to get rid of the unevenness.

My flash unit (sb800) had been on TTL; it was still a bit dark. I brightened the whole image with an adjustment layer, which made it look even better. Then I remembered a new “toy” I just got on sale–Perfect Skin from Jen’s Fabulous Stuff. This was the first time I used it, and it did a great job! I also did a bit of teeth brightening.

Wow, much better! However, I figured I should tidy up the edges, so I cloned out the stray hairs. Et voila, here once again is the final image!



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