Early Spring Golden Hour

Wasn’t Monday glorious? Beautiful and so warm, like early summer! But of course, Mother Nature was only tempting us. After two days of gray rain, today’s sun and perfect mid-sixties temps were just the thing to relax and be happy. For a bit this evening, I opened the window and sat back in my Poang, enjoying a book. As the light got deeper and closer to twilight, I decided to grab my 85mm and see what signs of spring I could find in my neighborhood.

I’ve been watching this magnolia tree on my street all week, and taking iphone pictures. This morning there was maybe one or two buds opening up; and tonight half the tree was starting to bloom!

A few streets over, this magnolia is already wilting.

I shall never tire of golden light through flowers.

A few weeks ago, the crocus were carpeting the flowerbeds along the Brooklyn Promenade. Now they’re drowning among the tulips.

There were so many people enjoying the setting sun along the Promenade–the light and the views are unbeatable.

I hope you had a wonderful spring day today too!


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