Merry Christmas and Happy Snowy New Year!

I went with some friends to check out the legendary Dyker Heights Christmas decorations. Some houses are seriously over the top–check out this two-story tall Santa!

Another house had these vintage carol singer figures (and many other things) in their yard:

One house featured dancing bear topiaries!

Their neighbor decked out their front yard tree with these pretty snowflakes:


On Christmas Day, my husband and I ventured into the city to enjoy the lights and decorations. We figured it would be a little less crowded, and it was. The night was perfect too; not super chilly and no wind. It was actually rather pleasant to walk around and see the holiday sights!

First stop was of course Rockefeller Center.

A friend told me about the UNICEF snowflake, on 57th and 5th Avenue. I’d never even heard of it before. It’s so pretty and sparkly!

Classic ornaments at Radio City:

Radio City itself was of course also decorated for the holidays.

I love how, with the right processing, it looks like it could still be 1950!


Of course, the day after Christmas, we were hit by a big blizzard! I never believe the forecasts about storms, especially when they’re all gloom and doom like this one. My prediction was for something like 5-8 inches of snow, but of course, it ended up being at least twice that! What a storm. We stayed inside, where it was nice and toasty.

The next morning, of course, I wanted to check things out.


The wind was still pretty fierce, kicking up little funnels every few minutes. You could see the snow being blown off of roofs and the snow drifts being sculpted by the wind.

Everywhere people were starting to dig out and shovel. Here’s one unfortunate/silly soul who must have been trying to drive through close to two feet of virgin snow!

That would be one heck of a cold ride…

The drifts reached three or more feet in places!

I don’t think lemonade will be available for awhile yet…

I hope you are nice and cozy and haven’t had to do too much shoveling! Happy New Year tomorrow!


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