subway in black and white

While editing down my final print choices for the subway project, I decided to try making them black and white. I used Lightroom, which is my first processing point (saving Photoshop for finer tuning and noise reduction, cloning, that kind of thing). I started with CinnamonRose’s black and white preset and then adjusted from there.

I *love* how most of them turned out. The subway is full of dark and light, often right next to each other. The intense shapes also work well in black and white, I think. The faces of people take on a new look, different than everyday.

I wrestled with the idea of really going for the black and white. Would it be cliche? Am I just playing at imitating the pros since I didn’t actually shoot in black and white?

In the end, I went with my gut–the black and white looked so much more interesting and special. Comparatively, most of the color shots look commonplace to me now. Cliche or not, I went for it, happy with my work.

I spent hours doing final tweaks and  putting together the layout of a photo book on I am so proud of how it turned out! You can see the online version here.


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