Subway Series

It’s now the fourth week of the photography class. (I have a few previous assignments that I’ll post soon.) We have to choose our own project to work on for the next four weeks. The photo above is from the second assignment, though I kind of cheated about the boundaries of where to photograph. It is one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken this year, and since I like taking candid pictures of people (though it’s also kind of scary sometimes!), I let this be my inspiration to work on subway photographs.
Now of course, I have a few project ideas within the broad area of subway photos. I like the idea of a purer series with plenty of constants to better focus on who’s in it.

1. First would be just people sitting directly across the train aisle, taken from ‘the hip’, just like the one above. (None are as gorgeous as that first one; in that the subway lights flickered off for a moment, which gives it that gloomy glow.)

Here are a few others that I liked from my outing this week that I could shape into a specific project.

2: Portraits through train doors or windows. Like peering into another world.

3.  General subway portraits (other places on the train or platform).

3. Platform benches. (This is when I wish I had that wide angle after all.)

4. Exiting the train from directly in front of the doors. I like the chaos and movement, but I don’t know if there’s too much blur. Also, with my positioning, some people look at me. However, more ignore me or don’t see me, and go about their business, which is the part I like to see, how everyone is in his or her own world.)


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