Assignment 1: Taking a Walk

I finally signed up for another photography class! It’s at the Education Alliance and it meets once a week. The focus is on street and urban photography. I am hoping to get some good inspiration and critique. So far it’s going well.

For our first assignment, we had to take a walk and take one (and only one!) photograph every certain number of steps. What an interesting challenge! First, it was hard in some places to find something interesting at that step. I definitely had to look around at times, turning around or leaning to a different angle. Second, taking only one shot in each place! I definitely had to look carefully for the angle and perspective I wanted, to get it as right as possible the first time. Third, there were a few intriguing scenes I saw between stops that I couldn’t shoot. Fourth, it can be difficult to shoot strangers in the street. (Er, you know what I mean!) When people are walking toward me, I waffle about pointing my camera straight at them. I’m not sure what I expect to happen, and nothing terrible has ever happened. Sometimes I’m brave and shoot away, and sometimes I’m too shy. (For example, this afternoon, the woman next to me on the train had a head in her bag! A mannequin head, but still. A face peeking out of a bag! It would have been a fascinating photograph, and alas, I was too timid to take out the camera.)

Here are a few that I liked from the set.


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